Transfer of Business

When there is a change in ownership of your business or a change to contract work arrangements, certain obligations arise under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) when employees transfer with the work. We can advise you if the transfer of business laws are likely to be triggered and help you assess the potential liabilities to ensure that they are factored into the transaction price and assist you to practically manage potential consequences (such as transferring legacy agreements).

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Restructuring & Redundancies

In a tough financial climate, restructuring and potential redundancies are inevitable. We can help you through the restructuring process to assist you to identify innovative solutions to your business issues and also guide you through the relevant legal obligations to ensure that you do not expose your organisation to potential liability.

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EBA Approval

The Enterprise Agreement approval process can be frought with technical and adversarial issues which may hinder your ability to efficiently and effectively get an agreement approved. We provide guidance to your bargaining teams throughout the process to ensure that your agreement complies with all of the requirements to obtain approval.

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Right of Entry

With the return of the ABCC, right of entry disputes are likely to be more contentious than ever. We can provide you with on the spot advice on how to manage right of entry requests – to mitigate your exposure.

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Enterprise Bargaining

We can guide you through enterprise bargaining, draft clauses and advise in relation to likely interpretations of clauses (so that you know what you are potentially including within your agreement), as well as help you manage the bargaining process.

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Industrial Action Contingency Planning

Industrial action can occur at any time in highly unionised industries. We help clients plan for and manage anticipated and unanticipated industrial action, including how to keep your business operating as effectively as possible during the action.

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