S Billing & Associates can conduct independent workplace investigations in the following areas:

  • workplace bullying
  • harassment or discrimination
  • conflicts of interests
  • misappropriation of funds/fraud & misuse of company resources
  • workplace misconduct
  • whistleblower complaints
  • breaches of health & safety laws
  • bribery & corruption

In an environment where businesses are looking for a more cost effective legal service without compromising on the quality of advice received, S Billing & Associates can cater for your changing needs and requirements by offering a range of investigation services:


This is where you appoint S Billing & Associates to conduct an investigation and outsource the entire process.

  • We will meet with you and take instructions to determine the scope of the investigation. Once the scope is defined, we will provide you with a proposed investigation plan and an estimate of our fees. If you are happy to proceed, we will enter into a Costs Agreement. S Billing & Associates will then manage the investigation process and keep you informed as to the progress of the investigation.
  • All you will have to do is coordinate the logistics of interviews, communication with the witnesses etc.
  • On the completion of the investigation, we will provide you with a clear & concise, yet comprehensive investigation report.


S Billing & Associates can be instructed to assist and provide advice and case management support to an internal or expert investigator appointed by the Client.

  • This may include attending interviews and proofing witnesses, reviewing documentary evidence, providing advice on relevance and admissibility and advising/settling an investigation report before it is finalised.
  • In such instances, S Billing & Associates is not the investigator but can provide advice under legal professional privilege to the investigator.


As a third option, you can appoint S Billing & Associates to carry out a preliminary review & assessment of a complaint or allegations to ascertain whether there is a prima facie case before committing to a full investigation.

  • S Billing & Associates can meet with the complainant to determine the basis of the allegations, identify what evidence is required including witnesses to be interviewed, make an assessment as to veracity of the complaints/allegations & frame the allegations for investigation by either an internal investigator or another external investigator.
  • If required, S Billing & Associates can provide you with a suggested investigation plan which sets out the background information & identifies the evidence required.
  • This process may also be useful where there is suspected misconduct and you need to maintain strict confidentiality protocols while enquiries are being made under privilege.
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